How to use a storage box to combat clutter

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Who has never suffered from clutter at home? Our homes are reflections of the lives we lead. And, as such, they are transformed as we develop passions, activities, as people enter or leave our lives. It is not uncommon for furniture or objects once considered essential to become superfluous and cumbersome.

Fortunately, a storage box can be the best way to overcome clutter.

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The great dilemma of clutter

From easels to cribs, stationary bikes to musical instruments, the objects that cause clutter are as diverse as they are varied. A new addition to the family may cause you to change the layout of your home. In such cases, renting a storage box is a practical solution to make space, without sacrificing the objects you care about.

However, clutter can also be caused by the emotional value we place on various possessions. It is considerably less simple to declutter, when one is not able to proceed in an impartial manner. Note that a storage box for rent is also the ideal solution for keeping the possessions of your friends and relatives. Whether they’re moving or for any other reason, you’ll be able to keep their belongings without sacrificing your space. Not to mention, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that these items are stored securely.

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How to identify superfluous objects?

The first use of a storage box is to store objects that you can no longer keep at home. That said, renting a storage space is also a great way to usefully declutter. Even without being a follower of minimalism, you can get rid of furniture and various other objects that no longer have a place in your life.

The simplest technique is to make a list of items you plan to dispose of. Then store these items in boxes and keep a diary of how many times you use them after a few weeks. Objects that you do not use after one or two months can then be stored in a storage box.

If at the end of a year, you have not returned to look for them, you can consider that these are objects that do not necessarily have a place in your daily life. Note, however, that there are exceptions to the rule. In particular purely decorative objects and specialized equipment. Anyway, this technique will allow you to declutter your home effectively.

Take advantage of a storage box for your holidays

In addition to items that are intended to be offered or resold, there is a category of goods that can be kept in long-term storage boxes. These include items and equipment of a seasonal nature.

Do you have board sports, kayaks or even surfboards? Are you a fan of camping, hiking or trekking? You can store tents, stoves and all other bulky equipment in a rental box. By doing so, you kill two birds with one stone.

You make room in your home and improve your quality of life;

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Simplify your preparations and save time when preparing for mountain climbing, camping or any other seasonal activity.

Moreover, if you often visit the same tourist areas, you can consider renting a storage box near your destination. No need to overload your vehicle if you have the possibility to proceed otherwise. Even better if these trips become annual traditions with friends or family.