Do you need to store your belongings in French- or German-speaking Switzerland? Discover the solutions offered by easystock, the Swiss leader in temporary and permanent self-storage. Whether you’re a private individual or a company, we can provide you with secure storage space in the cantons of Vaud, Valais, Aargau and Zurich.

Easystock Self-storage

Renting a cubicle in Switzerland

Are you planning to move? Going to live abroad for a while? Is your apartment short of space for all your belongings? Want to empty your cellar? Does your company need secure archive storage?
easystock offers storage units for rent in Denges, Lausanne, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Sion, Winterthur and Spreitenbach. These adapted spaces measure from 1 m3 to 50 m3, or from 1 m2 to 20 m2. You’re sure to find the option that suits your needs and budget.

You are looking for a box in cheap self-storage ?

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Furniture storage for private customers in Switzerland

Individual self-storage (or self-storage for private individuals) involves renting a private, secure space in which to store equipment, goods and personal belongings for varying periods of time. Whether you're looking for a storage unit, garage, box or depot, you can easily find one that suits your needs. Self-storage is generally used by private individuals. This is particularly the case when there's a shortage of space in the house, you're moving house, renovating your home or moving abroad. The easystock team can provide you with effective support and tailored services. We provide our customers with handling equipment free of charge. This means you can easily transport your belongings from the vehicle to your rental unit.

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Self-storage space for companies in Switzerland

Whether for the short or long term, business self-storage is a simple, fast and effective solution. It also offers great flexibility when it comes to storing goods in Switzerland. You'll need to consider a number of factors: the size of the cubicle, the rental price, its accessibility for bulky items, the temperature of the cubicle and its geographical proximity to your business. Our team of consultants will be happy to help you choose the ideal storage solution for your specific needs.

Easystock Self-storage

We find the storage solution
that meets your needs

The self-storage concept meets specific needs. It offers a solution for individuals and companies wishing to store goods. As the name suggests, self-storage is a self-service storage service. The customer packs his goods himself, transports them to the storage site and installs them in his rented premises in Switzerland.


Your box is accessible free of charge 7 days a week, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. On request, we grant you extended accessibility depending on the site.

Yes, you can change boxes on the 15th or 30th of each month. All you have to do is go to your depot during opening hours and inform the person on site, who will take the modification steps with you.

Nothing’s easier ! All you have to do is go to the depot of your choice during opening hours, with an identity document and a means of payment (for the 1st month of rental). If you want to rent a box in the name of a company, remember to bring a copy of the entry in the Commercial Register.

The 1st month is paid on the day you sign the rental contract. For the following months, you will receive an invoice around the 25th of the previous month, payable on the 1st day of the upcoming rental month. Example: you receive the invoice for the month of March around February 25, which you must settle on March 1 at the latest.

Our advisors at your service

Our team answers all your questions and helps you find the right solution for your storage needs. Do not hesitate to write to us !