Rental box, mistakes to avoid

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To get the most out of a “rental box” solution, you will necessarily have to demonstrate a keen sense of organization . Storing things in a jumble will waste space, and therefore money. In addition, when it comes time to collect your belongings, you risk wasting a considerable amount of time going through the maze of boxes and boxes. Below, you will find some practical tips to organize your “rental box” as well as possible and simplify your life.

Estimate the space you need with precision

To choose your storage space, the first thing to do is the list of goods you plan to store there. It is only after making this list, and provided with an estimate of volume that you should choose a rental box near you. If, for example, after a long distance move to Morges, your storage unit is not the right size , you may be faced with difficult decisions.
To guard against such scenarios, the best self storage solutions give you access to volume estimation tools . Depending on the number of boxes, furniture or miscellaneous objects you plan to store, you will have a fairly precise idea of the total volume you need in your rental box .

Create an organizational system: color code, labels and inventory

Once your belongings have been put away in the boxes and cartons, it is virtually impossible to find your way around. Storing boxes without taking the time to create an organization system beforehand is a surefire way to waste time later. Invariably, the moment will come when you will open a thousand and one boxes in search of an object, apparently, not found.
To deal with such eventualities, the personal organization system of your “rental box” is essential. All means are good to achieve this: labels, color codes, general and specific inventory ; as well as any moving items that may be needed. Put your storage system on its feet before transporting your boxes to the storage space. It may take you a few hours to fine-tune everything, but you ‘ll save a lot more time over time.

Plan an aisle and create a map of your “rental box”

When it comes to storing your things in a storage box, we tend to over-optimize . Since we have the feeling of paying to the nearest cubic centimeter, we want to get some for ourselves. That said, to properly organize your storage space , it is in your best interest to follow a few simple rules:

  • Always plan corridors in your “rental box”: by doing so, you will be able to access all the boxes without having to dislodge others beforehand.
  • Remember to arrange your belongings by frequency of use: certainly, the goods that are stored in a box are rarely used on a daily basis. However, there is a hierarchy in terms of frequency of need. Store the belongings that you are likely to come back for more or less often fairly close to the entrance to your storage unit .
  • Create a map of your box for rent: with such a map, you will always know where your belongings are stored. And this, even if you haven’t had to use them for a long time. Never again will you have to open and empty all the boxes in search of just one thing.
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Optimize vertical use of space

To properly optimize the space in a rental box, the ideal is to make a preliminary visit . If you are in the vicinity of Morges for example, take the time to go there to plan your storage.
Simply put, vertical optimization is storing your boxes on top of each other, almost to the ceiling. Obviously, this will allow you to save space and simplify your organization. Do not hesitate to integrate shelves and other storage into your organizational system.
However, getting there requires some planning. This includes, for example, choosing boxes of uniform size for storage. Similarly, you will have to place the heaviest and less fragile objects in the boxes that will serve as a base. This eliminates the risk of accidents inside your rental box.