Everything you need to do before storing your sofa in a storage facility

Storing your sofa in a storage facility

When moving or renovating, furniture and household goods storage is a good choice. The sofa is usually the heaviest piece of furniture. When storing sofas, various precautions must be taken to ensure their proper preservation.

Consider the following three simple guidelines for sofa storage to ensure your sofa comes out of storage in the same condition it was in before you put it away.

The cleaning and the cleanliness of the sofa

Before storing a piece of furniture, it is important to thoroughly clean the item to prevent it from deteriorating throughout the storage process. The same is true when it comes to storing sofas. The most effective method would be to have your sofa professionally cleaned, but this can also be quite expensive. If you have rubber gloves, appropriate cleaning products and a littleelbow grease, you can easily achieve the same results as the professionals.

When buying a fabric sofa, look for the fabric label. It will tell you what type of fabric the sofa is made of, so you can clean it using the appropriate cleaning products. Most fabric sofas can be cleaned with water-based detergents or can be dry cleaned very quickly, depending on the fabric.

he cleaning and the cleanliness of the sofa

Leather sofas, on the other hand, can be polished with a microfiber cloth and a leather polish, which can be found in most supermarkets and home improvement stores. Otherwise, to clean leather, try using a natural technique such as white vinegar or olive oil.

The most important thing after washing your sofa is to make sure it is completely dry. Mold and mildew grow because of the moisture, and this will destroy your sofa.

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Storing the sofa in the storage facility

Once your sofa has been cleaned, it should be protected from scratches, scuffs and dust. Whenever possible, disassemble your sofa by removing the cushions and legs for easy transport and storage.

Remember to wrap the feet in bubble wrap to protect them. If they are detachable, place them in a bag after covering them with bubble wrap. Provide a place for the bag with the couch so you can find them quickly when it’s time to put them back. Cushions can be covered with plastic or fabric, depending on the design material. Plastic bags are suitable for storing cushions for short periods of time, and plastic sofa covers can be used to protect your sofa when not in use. When storing items for an extended period of time, it is advisable to use padded linens or cushions as they allow air to circulate and prevent mold from growing.

A dry bag can be placed in the bag with your cushions as well as in the couch cover to offer better protection against moisture. Dry bags work in a similar way to silica gel and are designed to preserve leather and furniture by absorbing any moisture that may be present.

The installation of furniture repositories

Make sure your unit is the right size. When a sofa is to be left in place for an extended period of time, it is not always a good idea to turn it on its side, as this may distort the structure of the sofa. It’s also a good idea not to pile heavy or bulky items on your sofa to save space. Make sure there is enough space between objects so that nothing will lean against your couch and possibly dent it. This also promotes air circulation in your storage unit, which will reduce the likelihood of mold growth.

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The best option for valuable sofas, such as antiques or collectibles, is to store them in climate-controlled rooms. However, for people who are moving and need a short-term rental unit, the unit does not need to be air-conditioned as long as it is clean and safe.

It is best to raise your sofa off the floor of the apartment; to do this, use pallets, wooden blocks or bricks.

This applies to all items stored in storage. Prevention is always better than cure because, although warehouses do their best to provide safe and hygienic units, accidents can happen.