Storing baby’s belongings: how to make space while preserving memories?

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The arrival of a baby brings its share of happiness and changes to a couple’s life. But with this happiness also comes a never-ending stream of baby stuff that quickly invades your home.

Between clothes, toys, furniture and accessories, your living space can quickly feel cramped. So it’s vital to find effective solutions for organizing and tidying all this stuff without feeling overwhelmed.

So what to do with all that baby stuff? Should you keep them for a future baby, or get rid of them to free up space? How do you reconcile storing these objects while preserving the precious memories they represent?

Our Easystock experts will give you practical advice on clever solutions to provide adequate storage space for your child’s belongings.

Sorting and storing baby clothes

Time goes by so quickly, and the little clothes that seemed so tiny just a few months ago have now become too small. It’s time to face the challenge of sorting and storing your baby’s clothes.

To begin with, it’s important to sort clothes by size, condition and season. Separate them into three categories: those to keep for a future baby, those to give away or sell, and those you want to keep as precious mementos.

how to store baby clothes

Keep clothes that fit your child’s current size close at hand, and store clothes that are too small or too big in clear plastic boxes or storage bags.

You can also use drawer dividers to organize clothes by category (bodysuits, pyjamas, rompers, etc.), making them easier to find.

For even more organized storage, remember to label each box clearly and precisely. If you don’t have enough space at home, consider renting a dedicated storage space for baby’s things.

Organizing baby’s toys

Baby toys seem to be multiplying at breakneck speed. They are often scattered all over the house, creating a constant mess. To organize these happy playmates, start by sorting them according to your child’s developmental age.

Store the most age-appropriate toys in an easily accessible place, while more advanced toys can be stored until your baby grows out of them. Use transparent storage boxes or baskets to group toys by category, whether plush toys, early-learning toys or construction sets.

baby toy storage

Remember to label each container for quick identification. You might also consider installing shelves or lockers so that your child can see and choose his or her toys independently.

If you’re short of space, consider rotating the toys. Store them in a safe place and alternate them every few months. This will allow your child to rediscover his or her toys and feel as if they’re constantly discovering new things.

Clever storage for baby furniture

Baby furniture, with items such as car seats, strollers and cribs, can quickly clutter up your home.

When you find yourself with a car seat whose height or weight limit your child has exceeded, it’s essential to check the lifespan of these products to ensure your child’s safety.

Car seats generally have a lifespan of 6 to 7 years, due to the natural wear and tear of the materials, particularly the plastic used in their construction. After this period, the plastic parts can degrade and lose their strength, compromising the effectiveness of the car seat in the event of an accident.

If you’re planning to store a car seat temporarily, it’s important to keep this expiration date in mind. Be sure to keep the car seat documentation, including the date of manufacture and expiration date, so you can check whether the car seat is still safe and recommended for future use.

For strollers and cradles, follow the same clever storage principles, dismantling them and preferably storing them compactly. If you don’t plan to use these items in the future, you might consider donating them to other families, or selling them to give them a second life.

What to do with items you don’t want to keep?

If you decide not to store your baby’s belongings, there are several options. You can donate them to relatives, friends, charities or sell them on online sales sites. This will allow you to get rid of those things while giving pleasure to other people.

baby stuff for storage

If you’re thinking of renting storage space, it’s important to choose a specialized, reliable company. Easystock offers secure storage space with 24-hour surveillance in Switzerland. You can choose the cubicle size that best suits your needs and access it with complete freedom.

Don’t let your baby’s belongings clutter up your home! Opt for a secure storage solution and enjoy a pleasant living space while preserving the things that are important to you.