Temperature controlled storage boxes: advantages, uses and prices

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A storage unit with a temperature control system is perfect for storing summer and winter clothing, as well as sports equipment and other seasonally used items. This type of room offers a space adapted to the conservation of antiques or other objects that need to be kept at a constant temperature.

Renting a temperature-controlled self-storage unit offers many advantages and lends itself to multiple uses. This type of structure is recommended for the conservation of a number of items and objects that need to be maintained in well-defined temperature conditions.

In a traditional storage space, your belongings are exposed to outside weather conditions, temperature fluctuations and humidity. Both of these factors promote mold growth. They can be controlled in a climate-controlled storage facility, which prevents the formation of moisture and protects your items during storage.

Are you interested in a temperature controlled self storage unit? Find out everything you need to know about its benefits, uses and price.

Why choose a temperature-controlled storage unit?

The temperature-controlled storage box has many advantages thanks to its temperature management system. Its rental allows the storage of items that do not tolerate temperature and climate variations.

1. Keep objects at room temperature

Extreme temperature differences between seasons can affect the preservation of objects stored in a room. The temperature can easily reach over 30°C during the summer and drop below 0°C during the winter in some areas.

In order to protect your objects from damage caused by temperature variations, it is advisable to rent a temperature-controlled storage unit for their preservation. This room is best suited for delicate items such as antiques, wooden furniture and musical instruments that are at risk of warping, cracking or splitting. The temperature control system keeps them at a constant temperature.

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2. Ensure indoor air quality in the cubicle

In general, a temperature-controlled storage unit incorporates an indoor air quality control system. The conservation of certain objects such as books, antiques, art objects, carpets, photographs and musical instruments must be done in optimal atmospheric conditions. Good air circulation is indeed important to keep them in good condition. It is therefore advisable to choose a climate-controlled self-storage unit to keep your belongings in a healthy environment.

3. Manage the exposure of objects to light

Most objects, including photographs, books and artwork, are susceptible to deterioration over time due to exposure to light. If you want to ensure that your belongings stay in great condition as long as possible, it is highly recommended to store them in a temperature and humidity controlled area. A temperature-controlled self-storage unit also allows you to manage the level of darkness or brightness according to your needs. You will be able to control the length of time your belongings are exposed to light as well as the level of light in the room in order to prevent their early deterioration.

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4. Check the humidity level

Temperature-controlled self-storage units come with a humidity control option. This feature keeps the humidity level at an optimal level to minimize the risk of mold growth inside your room and protect your belongings. The moisture control feature then provides an additional layer of protection against mold and mildew.

5. Keep your stuff in the best possible way

Most storage units with air-conditioning systems are housed in buildings with fully insulated and airtight ceilings, floors and walls. As a result, these spaces are less prone to flooding, dust penetration and rodent or pest infestation.

By renting a temperature-controlled self-storage unit, your belongings will be optimally preserved. This solution is perfect for long-term storage.

6. Long-term storage solution

The temperature-controlled storage box is an effective long-term storage solution. It is recommended when you don’t know how long you have to keep your goods in the room.

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Temperature-controlled storage boxes: what are their uses?

Businesses and valuables stored in a climate-controlled storage unit are protected from both temperature fluctuations and excess humidity. The air quality and the presence of dust and debris barriers allow for optimized storage space on a short and long term basis.

What items should be kept in a temperature-controlled storage unit?

Controlled atmosphere storage is useful for storing all items. Some objects require this type of space more than others. Furniture, electronics, art, media, clothing (especially lace or leather), photographs, antiques, appliances, musical instruments and collectibles (coins, stamps and albums) are best kept in a temperature-controlled storage unit.

These objects are extremely sensitive to humidity and temperature variations. When exposed to excessive amounts of moisture, electronic components can become brittle and crack, wood can warp, and paper goods and photographs can easily fall apart.

The storage box with a climate control system controls the temperature, humidity and air, thus preventing the formation of humidity.

When should I use a temperature-controlled storage unit?

Renting a temperature-controlled storage unit is not always necessary. However, it is recommended if the weather conditions in your location are extreme with temperature peaks and variations. This storage solution is also recommended for objects that are sensitive to humidity.

How much does it cost to rent a temperature-controlled self-storage unit?

To store your belongings, choose a temperature-controlled storage unit near you. Choose a room that is adapted to the quantity of goods you wish to store.

The price of renting a temperature-controlled self-storage unit is higher than that of a traditional storage unit. It is necessary to foresee between 7 to 9 CHF per m3 per month for the renting of the self-storage unit. This rate can vary depending on the size of the room, the options it offers and its geographical location.

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The temperature-controlled or climate-controlled storage unit is an effective solution for storing delicate goods. It offers a safe space for storing your belongings thanks to the temperature and humidity control system. Air quality, temperature variations and humidity levels are controlled, keeping your belongings in excellent condition. Renting a self storage unit with these features is more expensive than a standard unit.

However, this type of room is recommended for the storage of wooden furniture, antiques, musical instruments, clothing, photographs, electronics, stamps and collectibles. It is perfectly suited for professional use. Find a temperature-controlled self-storage unit to store your belongings in an optimal way.