Boat storage: Tips and tricks for optimal security

Bateau sur remorque

Boats can be a wonderful addition to a summer spent outdoors. Whether you’re planning a quiet day on the lake or looking for a more adventurous outing, having a boat is an exciting way to explore the outdoors. However, when the season comes to an end, many boat owners are faced with the daunting task of figuring out how to safely store their boat.

Fortunately, there are boat storage tips that can help make the process of storing your boat easier and more efficient.

From choosing the right location to maintaining the condition of your boat, this guide will provide you with valuable advice on how to store your boat safely.

Choosing the right location for boat storage

When storing your boat, you should think carefully about where you choose to store it. If you don’t store your boat in a proper place, you risk damaging it, whether from extreme weather conditions or from pests, insects or rodents. You may even lose your boat entirely if it is not stored properly.

Before storing your boat, you should ask yourself the following questions:

– What is the local climate like?

If you are storing your boat in an area prone to extreme weather conditions, you will need to consider finding an alternate location. If you choose to store your boat outside, make sure you have an adequate cover to protect it from extreme weather conditions.

– Are there any pests or rodents in the area?

If this is the case, you will need to look for a new location. Pests and rodents are known to destroy boats, and you don’t want to risk your investment. Before choosing a new location, you can use a product to repel pests like mice and squirrels from your boat.

– What is the general state of the region?

If you are in a dilapidated or under construction area, you will need to find a new location. When you store your boat, you need to make sure it is in a clean and safe place.

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Preparing your boat for storage

If you want to protect your investment and extend the life of your boat during storage, you need to prepare it in advance.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your boat for storage:

– Place a tarp on the boat

If possible, you will want to place a tarp over your boat to protect it from dirt, dust and pests during storage. You can buy a tarp at a boat supply store or make one from a tarp.

Winterization of your boat

– Washing the boat

Before storing your boat, you must clean it thoroughly. To do this, you can use a pressure washer. In addition to cleaning the boat, the pressure washer will also help you remove any stickers or decals from the boat, making it easier to store.

– Dismantle the boat

If you can, you will want to completely disassemble your boat before storing it. This will protect it from dirt and dust, as well as from pests that might try to invade it. Once the boat is disassembled, you can store the various parts of the boat in a storage box or shed while it is in storage.

Cleaning and protection of your boat

When cleaning and protecting your boat before storing it, you need to make sure you use the right products to keep it in top condition.

Here are some cleaning and protection tips.

– Clean the boat

Before storing your boat, you must clean it thoroughly. This will remove dirt, grime and any other contaminants from the boat, helping to protect it from damage. If your boat is made of fiberglass, use a non-abrasive cleaner to protect your boat’s paint.

– Protect the interior of the boat

Make sure the interior of your boat is clean and dry before storing it. This will protect the saddlery and keep it in good condition during storage.

– Protect the exterior of the boat

You must protect the exterior of your boat while it is in storage. To do this, you can apply a marine wax to protect the hull. If you live in a humid climate, you can also apply a marine sealant to protect your boat from moisture.

Winterizing your boat

If you plan to store your boat during the winter, you must prepare it for winter before storing it. This will protect your boat from damage and keep it in good condition for use again in the spring.

Storing your boat in a storage unit

Here are some tips for winterizing your boat:

– Add antifreeze to the engine

You’ll want to add antifreeze to your boat’s engine before you put it away for the winter. This will help protect the engine from freezing temperatures during the winter months.

– Add anti-corrosion additives

You will also want to add anti-corrosion additives to your fuel tank to protect it from corrosion.

Storing your boat in the water

If you are storing your boat in a lake, river or other body of water, you must ensure that the water level is below the waterline of your boat. You should also make sure there are no obstructions in the water, such as rocks or weeds, that could damage your boat.

If you store your boat in the water, make sure it is placed on a boat elevator or other structure designed for boat storage.

wintering of boats in a storage unit

Storing your boat in a storage unit

If you own a boat and are looking for a safe and affordable storage solution, storing your boat in a specialized storage unit may be the best option. Increasingly popular with boat owners, self-storage offers boaters the convenience of short-term or long-term parking for any type of boat.

A storage unit is an excellent choice for storing your boat. Storage units are usually air-conditioned, so your boat will be protected from extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. You can also rent a storage unit with a high security system and secure access to protect your boat.

Securing your boat during storage

While your boat is in storage, you must ensure that it is protected against theft. You can do this by adding a lock to the shed or garage where you store your boat. You can also use a boat security system, such as an alarm or tracking system, to protect your boat from theft.

Maintenance of your boat during storage

When your boat is in storage, you need to make sure it is properly maintained. This will protect your investment when it comes time to use it again in the spring.

Here are some maintenance tips for storing your boat:

– Check the fuel

You’ll want to check the fuel in your tank before you store your boat, and again when you’re ready to use it in the spring. This will prevent the fuel from deteriorating during storage.

– Check the engine oil

You’ll want to check the engine oil before you store your boat and again when you’re ready to use it in the spring.

– Use the right jack

If you are using a jack to lift your boat, make sure you are using the right jack for your boat.

In conclusion, you can store your boat safely and efficiently in a self storage unit by following the tips given in this article. Be sure to use appropriate materials to protect the boat, such as blankets, tarps, and shrink wrap, and to clean it before storing it.