Clean and organize your storage unit in 5 steps : The Ultimate Guide

 Nettoyez et organisez votre unité de stockage en 5 étapes

Have you rented a self-storage unit? Dreading the thought of cleaning it? Storage units are a great way to safely store your belongings for a short or long time. However, they can become very messy if not cleaned regularly.

Cleaning a storage unit can seem like an incredibly daunting task that you may not have time for. But this is not necessarily the case! With good organization and preparation, the job can be easy.

In principle, the storage units are already clean when you arrive. Cleaning is then only necessary after a few months. If not, you will need to clean the space before storing your things. In any case, it is advisable to store clean items and to clean the room regularly.

Are you considering cleaning your storage unit? This guide will help you make cleaning easy.

Read on and start cleaning!

1. Take an inventory of the contents of your storage unit

The storage unit is cleaned at least once a year. Take the opportunity to tidy up the room. Before cleaning, start by taking an inventory of the contents of your self-storage unit so you know exactly what’s inside. This step is especially important if you want to outsource the cleaning.

To take inventory, list all the items you see with their respective quantities on a sheet of paper or a small notebook. Then, open the boxes to note what is inside. For better organization, specify which items you may need in the near future.

inventory of the contents of your storage unit

2. Sort out what to keep and what to throw away

Cleaning the storage unit is a good time to clean and tidy up the goods stored there. After you’ve completed the inventory and made sure nothing is missing, sort through the items to determine what you want to keep and what you want to throw away.

Of course, you can simply put away the stuff stored in your storage unit without throwing anything away. Otherwise, consider getting rid of old household items that may no longer be needed to optimize your storage space. To avoid wasting time, it can be handy to make a short list of what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of in advance.

To sort through your stuff, you can use the D.D.R. method. It consists of dividing your stuff into three categories: donation, waste and resale. To implement it, it is recommended to use post-its of three different colors. This way, you will only have to stick them on the cases according to their category.

3. Clean all the goods in your storage unit

Once you’re done sorting, clean out the remaining stuff in your storage unit. To clean the furniture in your storage unit, for example, you can use a mixture of black soap and hot water. Note that some items may even need to be disinfected.

Before putting your things away, each item should be thoroughly clean and dry. To protect them from dust, you should store small items in boxes and cover furniture and other large items with a tarp. If you want to leave a fresh smell in your self storage unit, you can use air freshener.

4. Clean your self storage unit

Once your belongings are clean and covered with a tarp or placed in the boxes, sweep and mop the floor to remove any dirt or dust in the storage unit. Also, don’t forget to clean the walls and ceiling. Then pick up empty boxes, adhesives and trash.

For the cleaning of your self storage unit, you can use the services of a cleaning professional. With the necessary tools and knowledge, he will be able to clean your storage unit thoroughly. To get an idea of how much it would cost to havea storage unit professionally cleaned, ask for quotes.

Clean all the assets in your storage unit

5. Tidy up and organize your stuff

After cleaning your self storage unit, there might be a bit of a mess. If this is the case, you should rethink its layout to ensure that each item is easily accessible and identifiable; and that the room is well organized. To do this, it is advisable to make a diagram or plan of your belongings and post it at the entrance to your storage unit.

For a better layout, it is recommended:

  • To group your belongings by family or by utility;
  • Label the boxes, then arrange them by category;
  • Place items that you use regularly in an easy to reach place, preferably in the front of the cubicle;
  • Use overhead storage solutions, telescopic bars and other storage accessories;
  • Leave the center aisle clear for easy access to your belongings.

For safety, remember to lock up your valuables. In fact, there are several ways to secure your items in a storage unit. You can use a lock for small items or a lockable storage container for larger items.

cleaning your self storage unit


Cleaning a storage unit can be an incredibly daunting task. To keep your belongings in good condition while in storage, however, it is essential to In addition, the owners of the storage units can claim a cleaning fee if the premises are not kept clean. Cleaning fees may also apply if the premises are not clean at the end of the contract. In short, it’s in your best interest to keep your self-storage unit clean!

By following the tips
cleaning will be easier and may even be more enjoyable. With proper task organization, your storage unit will be clean and organized in no time.