How to optimize the storage space you have?

storage room

When renting a storage unit, you should always make the effort to make the most of the available space. This will allow you to get the most bang for your buck, as you can store more items there and avoid having to rent a lot of storage space at once. So you can choose a smaller unit and save money at the same time!

Where to start ?

First, there are several ways to increase your storage capacity. Everything is important, from how you stack the boxes, to the size of the boxes, to the shelves, the vacuum bags, etc. If you want to increase your storage space, you have a number of options.

Here are some of the most effective techniques for optimizing your storage unit:

1. Place the heaviest items at the bottom of the pile

It goes without saying that you don’t want to damage your valuables while you’re storing them. The heaviest goods should always be placed at the bottom of the storage unit. Also avoid stacking items on top of each other too high or too heavily. The lowest item may be the heaviest, but that doesn’t mean it can safely support the weight of six other stacked boxes.

2. Put the largest objects first

Be sure to place the largest items first. This will make it easier to organize your storage space because you won’t have to move large items as often. Also, once the large objects are in place, it is much easier to fill in the gaps with smaller objects.


3. Store items you will use regularly in the front

This method is more convenient than having to rummage through everything and dig up a box at the bottom. Organize your things so that those you will access most often are at the front. Since you won’t have to rummage through your storage unit regularly, it will be easier to keep it clean and organized.

4. Use cartons instead of using bags if possible

The most important storage tip is to use cardboard boxes rather than plastic bags. Boxes allow you to maximize the space in your storage unit while protecting more valuable or breakable possessions. The bags are weak and tear easily, making them unsuitable for use.


5. Place mobile shelves in the storage unit

Using mobile shelving shelving to maximize your storage space is a smart way to save money. The ability to stack multiple goods, heavy or light, on shelves is invaluable. You can avoid stacking boxes on top of each other and risk crushing or breaking valuables.

Indeed, there are several different styles of portable shelves that you can choose from. This includes things like height, weight capacity, width, style, and more. There’s no doubt that your local hardware store will have the right storage option for you!

6. Use vacuum storage bags for clothes

Clothes can take up a lot of space and be difficult to store. If you have a large amount of clothes to store, you will probably need more than three storage units. Otherwise, vacuum storage bags are a great method to store your clothes while protecting them from damage. With vacuum bags you can compress your clothes and fit a lot more in one package.


7. Make a list of what you are going to store

It is essential to ensure that your storage unit is as well protected as possible. On the other hand, it is equally crucial to know where certain things are. In order to properly store items, it is helpful to label boxes and products, as well as take pictures of the contents of these boxes.

Before you begin the packing process , make a list of everything that will be stored in the storage unit. If you want to be particularly organized, you can also include a list of where these items are kept. This will help you know where each object is. This will make it easier to check inventory and locate items the first time.

Are you ready to rent a storage unit?

When you’re ready to move into your storage unit , just follow the guidelines provided to make the most of your storage space as efficiently as possible. The suggestions provided can help you save money and time. Be sure to use the available space and organize it well.

Now that you’ve learned how to optimize your storage space, it’s time to find a storage facility. Take a look at the many storage solutions Easystock has to offer. They range in size from modest studios to enormous residences that can accommodate the furnishings of a four-bedroom home and more.